Reddit and Giphy are bringing GIF comments to every sub that wants them

Reddit is joining the GIF party with its new partnership with Giphy, a massive online hub where internet users upload and share GIFs. The new partnership, which will begin rolling out today, July 13th, requires that moderators of existing subreddits opt in to enable the feature. New subreddits will automatically opt in for GIFs in the comments, leaving mods the choice to opt out.

Reddit users would typically post a link to a GIF on a third-party host rather than simply viewing it, but the new partnership will take away the extra step of clicking on a linked GIF to see the image or animation. Reddit had tested adding GIFs to Reddit comments previously, but they were only available to those who paid for a Powerups subscription. After seeing success with the feature over the last two years, it should now be available to all users.

GIFs are the latest upgrade Reddit has added to its comment sections. In April, Reddit started indexing comments in its searches, a move that it said could make it easier to find things outside of specific subreddits and was a top-requested feature by users. More recently, it started testing Collectible Avatars, its NFT profile picture sales scheme that avoids using the term “NFT.”