Ava White’s heartbroken mum in powerful message to parents as killer teen jailed for life

The grieving mother of murdered schoolgirl Ava White has revealed she can no longer even see her nieces and nephews because it’s “too painful without Ava”.

Leanne White broke down in court as she begged the judge to publicly name her daughter’s killer, who was sentenced to a minimum of 13 years in jail today (July 11).

The 14-year-old boy who cannot be named for legal reasons, was found guilty of murder after he stabbed 12-year-old Ava in the neck at a Christmas light switch on.

Ava had been ‘laughing and dancing’ with her friends before she became embroiled in an argument with Boy A over footage posted on Snapchat, the court heard.

The schoolgirl died as a result of her injuries in hospital after Boy A launched a 7.5 inch flick knife into her neck.

In an exclusive interview released by Merseyside Police, Leanne broke down on camera as she called for primary school age children to be taught about the dangers of knives.

She said: “Ava was a good baby she never cried, she never moaned, she was always happy, bubbly, outgoing, life and soul of the party little girl.

“She loved swimming, dancing gymnastics, travelling she loved the fair, she loved waterparks.

“Just very outgoing. Football as well she won trophies for football.

“Her death has affected my family as I cant see my nieces and nephews anymore, we can’t celebrate anything as a family.

“Its just too painful and hurtful without Ava.”

Leanne mustered all her strength to hold it together as she addressed the camera while looping arms with Mia, Ava’s sister.

The bereaved pair donned blue hoodies with a selfie photograph of Ava which Leanne explained Ava had taken on her phone.

The caption read ‘My beautiful daughter xxxxxxx’ underneath a black bold text which said ‘My Angel’.

Speaking about the consequences of her death on that tragic night, Leanne continued: “It’s had a deep impact on her friend – her friends witnessed that night, things that no child should ever witness.

“Even the adults that came to Ava’s aid that night it’s had a deep impact on them as well.”

Leanne added that the family have now organised a ‘fun day’ in Notre Damn to remember Ava where they plan to wear her favourite colour and eat her favourite food as well as hold a football tournament in her memory.

The devastated mum also shared her plans to set up a foundation in Ava’ name with the White Ribbon Campaign after the schoolgirl was killed on “White Ribbon Day”.

The campaign is on a mission to end violence against women and girls and uses the day to raise awareness.

Leanne also called for primary school age children to be educated about knife crime and the impact it has on victim’s families

She said: “Ava’s memory will always be alive in my family, she’s everywhere in my house, everywhere with me there’s not one conversation I have that Ava’s not involved in.

“I think education is key. I think we need to be going into primary schools and starting at a young age to educate the kids of what carrying a knife does and the effects that it has on the families and the child that has lost their life.

“If you put a knife in your pocket you’re intending to use it and you’re not only destroying your own life but the life of your family as well.

“I think more parents need to be aware of what their kids are actually buying online.

“When it’s getting delivered who is paying for it? Because the knives these kids are carrying around are not just normal kitchen knives they’re flick knives, they’re pen knives, they’re hunting knives so who is paying for them? Who is taking the delivery?

As Leanne signed off, thanking the medics who tried to save her daughter’s life, she held up a silver pendant and explained how she has a special keepsake of her daughter immortalised.

She said: “Ava loved taking photos and taking my phone and taking selfies and leaving me them.

“This necklace is Ava’s fingerprint so I can always have her next to me and feel her.”