International Travel Journal:


THE BEST ADVENTURES ARE WORTH REMEMBERING.  Lightweight paperback version.  Hardbacks are heavy and take up more space.  Save those for journaling at home.  Take this lightweight version with you on your next adventure.



RECORD YOUR MEMORIES.  Track your travel experiences with this journal with prompts to inspire your thoughts and document your memories.  Remember the best parts of your day, what meals you loved, whom you met, and what activities you would revisit.

TRIP PLANNER INCLUDED.  Ensure you don’t leave anything out in the planning process.  Keep track your flights, visas, vaccinations, currency conversions, local scams, hotels, tours, and the safety level for each country you are visiting,

SELF-DISCOVERY.  Since travel is a form of self-discovery, I have added sections that include lists of things to accomplish once you return, including new things you will try near home, local sites you would like to visit, people you would like to visit, places you would like to eat.

INSPIRATION.  Inspirational travel quotes on each page that assist you in connecting with your journey.  Learn from poets, philosophers, authors and even fictional characters.

THE PERFECT GIFT.  A must have for all travelers and an ideal gift for your family and friends, or even yourself, this distinctive refillable journal will help.  Perfect journal for men and women.